Attention BSC Teams: Introducing The Polaris Supernova Partnership Program & How It Can Launch Your Project into Hyperspace!

Recently, we launched the first three Polaris Supernova pools as a ‘proof-of-concept’ for our new competitive farming tech developed on BSC.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive — with the community reporting our Supernovas provide a new and exciting yield farming platform compared to anything else available on BSC.

Now, we’re going into Phase 2 of our development roadmap and onboarding partners to launch their own Supernova pools on our platform.

First Why Supernovas vs. Traditional Yield Farms?

There are a few major benefits to launching a Supernova pool vs a traditional yield farm.

Besides saving on the costs and time for development, we’ve found most yield farms that use the infamous “masterchef” contract are not ideal for a token distribution platform that properly aligns the incentives of liquidity providers with long-term holders.

Perhaps the most important distinction between Supernova pools and traditional yield farming contracts are the incentives for users to stake their LP for longer periods without harvesting rewards or unstaking.

Supernovas Incentivize Long-Term Liquidity Provision Without Unstaking or Claiming Rewards

As you probably know, having adequate and stable liquidity is crucial to the success of your project. Deeper liquidity attracts whales who can easily buy and sell with lower slippage.

Yet, most projects that use the “masterchef” contract can’t do anything to prevent savvy yield farmers who provide liquidity for a short time, continually dump rewards, then remove their liquidity and move on to the next shiny farm.

The Supernova contract mitigates this issue by giving you the option to increase reward emissions the longer a user stakes without unstaking.

If someone unstakes and harvests rewards, they lose part of that bonus multiplier.

We’ve found that applying these “time bonuses” incentives users to provide liquidity for longer without unstaking or harvesting and selling rewards.

(The Supernova contract is based on the AMPL geyser farming contract which, when introduced to the AMPL community, exploded their market cap by 10x)

Supernovas Provide Your Project With Additional Revenue

Besides time-based staking incentives, another unique feature of Supernovas is the ability to use POLAR as a spendable multiplier, giving users the option to multiply their rewards at the point of harvesting.

For example, users can choose to spend 10 POLAR when unstaking to boost the rewards they receive by 1.7x. These multipliers are calculated algorithmically depending on how much POLAR has been spent by other users.

Where do the extra rewards come from? Since you deposit a set amount of rewards ahead of time, these bonuses come from other users’ unharvested rewards (hence the “competitive” nature of these pools).

You keep 50% of the POLAR!

All POLAR spent on these multipliers are sent to the Supernova contract. 50% instantly burned and the other 50% goes to the contract creator (your team), which you can liquidate for development funds.

In the first 36–48 hours of launching our internal Supernovas, we ended up over 600+ POLAR which would equate to $12,000 — $15,000 of revenue if it were a partner pool. (We burned all of this POLAR since it was our own pool).

For a deeper understanding of how Supernova Geysers and multipliers work, check out our Supernova FAQ.

Supernovas Are One Of The Highest -ROI Use Of Your Marketing Funds / Tokens

If you’ve launched crypto projects before, then you’re probably familiar with paying for “marketing” (AMAs, influencer promotions, news articles, etc) can be a complete waste of funds.

Launching a Supernova pool may be one of the highest-ROI use of your marketing tokens because it will instantly get attention on your project (from our community of over 1,800 BSC investors, traders and farmers).

And it will attract more buys and liquidity for your token as well with minimal inflationary effects in the short term.

Remember, since you can decide how many reward tokens to fund, and for what duration, you can essentially control your farming APR, which is the #1 determining factor in getting users to buy and stake your token.

Are Supernova Geysers A Good Fit For Your Project?

Please keep in mind Supernovas are not for everyone.

We do NOT want to create pools for tokens that are short-term P&Ds and low-effort clones without any real innovations.

That said, these are the type of projects we do want to work with and help set up Supernova pools for:

  • Established projects who want more exposure in general (For instance, your pool will be announced on all our channels and promoted to our community of over 1,500 Telegram members and 1,000+ Twitter followers)
  • Newer projects looking for increased liquidity and engagement yet do not already have their own liquidity mining programs
  • Projects who want more funds for development but don’t want to liquidate any team/marketing/community reserve tokens (remember, half of the POLAR spent in the Supernovas go directly to your team)

Interested In Getting A Supernova Pool For Your Token? Here’s The Next Steps

  1. Click here to apply and we will review to make sure your project is a good fit.
  2. If approved, you can decide how many TOKEN rewards you want to provide, the duration of your pool, and time bonus (optional but recommended).
  3. You deploy a contract using our Supernova Factory contract (this means you’re in full control of everything). You decide on the settings (reward token, staking token, bonus duration, etc). The process is very simple and takes about 5–10 minutes.
  4. We will announce the pool launch on our social media channels and schedule an AMA with our community (optional).
  5. When you’re ready, you fund the contract with your reward tokens.
  6. At any time, you can withdraw POLAR that users spend. 50% will be burned and you keep the rest which you can liquidate for project development fees.

How much do we charge for this?


We don’t take any tokens ourselves, and in fact, let you keep all the POLAR that’s spent in your pools.

The reason we’re doing this is we’re testing partner supernovas as a proof of concept.

Later, once we fully decentralize and allow anyone to deploy their pools with full UI-support, it will cost a fixed amount of POLAR to create a Supernova.

Our team gets nothing out of this besides growing our community and expanding the use case for POLAR.

What’s the cost to you?

Again, nothing!

The only “cost” to you is the value of the reward tokens you decide to provide as farming incentives. Usually, teams will take this amount out of their team, marketing, or community reserve token budget.

Like any farming program, this will introduce inflation to your tokenomics, but we’ve found the increased liquidity, usage and overall awareness for your project makes this decision a no-brainer (especially considering the “anti-dump” mechanisms baked into the Supernova contracts).

Fill out this form or reach out to our team in our Telegram if you have any further questions!


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