Polaris DAO governance platform

2 min readOct 27, 2021


Polaris DAO is committed to democratising the development of Polaris DeFi platform according to the wishes of the community andaccording to the following DAO governance processes outlined here.

DAO decision making process

Planning decisions will be based on votes of Polaris token holders according to the following proposal development and decision making process:

  1. Any community member can propose an initiative along with funding plan.

2. 5% of the community tokens are required to bring a proposal to vote

3. 60% of the votes required to win based on the total number of voting tokens cast

DAO Leader

The DAO Leader will be appointed to facilitate this Polaris DAO governance process. The initial DAO Leader be assigned for a term of up to 5 months. This person shall be assigned by the current Project Facilitator (Telegram username https://t.me/DerekP)

DAO voting mechanism

We have now designed our initial DAO mechanism. For each planning decision requiring a vote, we will use the following steps:

1. Mint Polaris Voting tokens which will only have one purpose of voting on the one referenced proposal

2. Air drop this Voting token to all Polar token holders based on a snapshot at a declared time

3. Set up ballot box using an address to receive Voting tokens for each decision option

4. Set date and time for votes to be cast

5. We will also facilitate this process for the initial proposal vote requiring 5%

Polaris will continue to experiment with available decentralised DAO governance platforms to manage our DAO governance process. Any changes will be subject to this voting process.

In addition, from this point all new plans will be subject to this governance process.

Proposal development and discussion can take place in this telegram group or Polaris discord server: https://discord.gg/XbHgVQXH

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