Polaris Is Now LIVE On Polygon

When passion meets relentless drive, there can be a stellar explosion!

Our team at Polaris is proud to announce the official launch of our platform on the Polygon Network. We’re honoured to be welcomed to the ecosystem with arms wide open by the Polygon team.

We are embarking on this journey with our loyal and committed community, as many of them are also new to Polygon and are just as excited as us to get started.

To all the emerging projects out there, we are here to serve you with our D.I.Y supernovas and we can’t wait to get you onboard.

To our present and potential partners, let’s continue to build together!


Polaris Polygon Tokenomics and Supernova Reward Distribution

Note: We decided to list Polygon POLAR at a lower price than BSC POLAR. The starting price is ~$0.0012 per POLAR for both MATIC and USDC pairs.

  1. Launching with a small starting market cap gives the project more room for growth
  2. Listing at a lower price gives our loyal community members a chance to buy Polygon POLAR for less
  3. Since the BSC-MATIC bridge has not been built yet, there are no cross-chain arbitrage opportunities so price discrepancy between the two chains has no impact on each other

Once listed on Sushiswap, we will integrate the UI and set up the 4 initial reward pools.

Around the same time, airdrop participants with receive their synthetic POLAR (aPOLAR) to stake in the special 3-week airdrop pool. Tokens will be sent directly to everyone’s BSC address and can be accessed by simply switching over to the MATIC network.

After that, we will begin working with partners to get their DIY pools on the our platform.


🪐 Website: https://polarisdefi.io

👨‍🌾 Supernovas: https://app.polarisdefi.io/

💻 Github: https://github.com/polarisdefi/

📖 Gitbook Docs: https://polarisproject.gitbook.io/polaris-defi/

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/polarisdefi

💬 Telegram: https://t.me/polarisdefi

🎮 Discord: https://discord.gg/v3w9wZgcG6

📢 Telegram Announcements: t.me/polarisdefiANN

🍣 Buy POLAR on SushiSwap: https://app.sushi.com/swap?inputCurrency=0xdc3acb92712d1d44ffe15d3a8d66d9d18c81e038





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