Polaris IT Roadmap

2 min readOct 27, 2021


Polaris team is committed to continuing the development of our DeFi platform alongside developments in the broader DeFi ecology. Our priorities will be to develop new features in liquidity farming. In parrallel we intend to incorporate, integrate and partner with other useful DeFi platforms as they become available.

Progress to date

Since taking over the project we have completed the following:

1. Fixed supernova displayed summary information

Current development activities

We are currently engaged on the following IT and service development activities:

1. Finalising transitioning of website to new team.

2. Display more information on the project partners that own the supernovas (including logo)

3. Display rewards calculations for stakers to better understand the competitive dynamics (break down rewards by calculation and history).

4. Bridge between BSC and Polygon

5. DAO community governance

6. Fund raising platform for traditional businesses by tokenising their services, using our liquidity farming platform

Planned IT initiatives

We have the following service development and IT roadmap planned and resourced:

7. Re-launch Polaris simplified yield farms incorporating DIY capability

8. Consolidate website to include all supernovas and yield farms on BSC and Polygon

9. White label widgets for project owners to use on their website

10. Launch platform on Ethereum (using existing 100m Polars on bsc and polygon) when eth2.0 is fully implemented. This will use the 100m Polar tokens that currently exist on Polygon on BSC.

11. Unified coin (so all 100m existing Polars on bsc and polygon can be Bridged and used across all blockchains)

12. Launch on other blockchains where projects are trying to attract liquidity to their tokens

DAO governance process

This Roadmap can be updated and changed using our DAO governance processes. See following Medium article.

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