Polaris Relaunched : Welcome To The Next Generation Liquidity Mining

Polaris would like to send a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our patient, loyal and extremely smart community for sticking with us through the evolution of Polaris. As we begin the process of moving our supernovas to the next galaxy, we want to go through all the things the team has accomplished to this point with some updates.

We also want to congratulate our community member HartDavid on winning our discord AMA best question prize!

Website Relaunched

Let’s start with the first major update — the brand spanking new website and dapp.

Our diligent dev team has been working behind the scenes, designing and building this new UI/UX along with our unique selling point, our decentralized supernovas.

Website Update #1 :

We are officially redirecting our old website address to the new website.

Our D.I.Y supernovas are also live and ready to be used by projects and their communities which we are onboarding.

Additionally, we’ve overhauled our entire gitbook with all the juicy new features on our platform and token utility, there’s also a “How To” guide for teams on setting up and funding their own supernovas. One of the other pieces of critical information for our community in our new gitbook is our updated roadmap.

Website Update #2 :

New roadmap: As revealed during our discord AMA with our head dev, we are expanding our reach to POLYGON and are days away from rolling out new supernovas on that chain. This cross-migration will be seen as a “Proof Of Activity” event for our community, as those active members will be airdropped the new token — a separate article is coming specifically dealing with this topic.

Additionally you will find info under the development roadmap tab: https://polarisproject.gitbook.io/polaris-defi/tokenomics-and-rewards/roadmap

We share our plans to incorporate perpetual airdrops via our $POLAR minted NFTs. Here’s an excerpt:

Perpetual Airdrops for NFT Holders

In addition to having utility for POLAR as a reward multiplier during reward harvesting, POLAR also accrues value by allowing token holders to mint NFTs which gives the holder access to perpetual and automatic airdrops.

There is a 4% fee which is split between the development team (2%) and Polaris treasury (2%).

The tokens in the treasury will then be airdropped to POLAR NFT holders on a bi-weekly basis. This allows NFT holders to receive a “passive income” stream in the form of tokens that launch pools on the Polaris platform.

So there you have it:

● New UI/UX

● D.I.Y Supernovas

● Updated Gitbook

Please stay tuned for the next published article on our POLYGON migration.

Polaris Resources :

Website: https://polarisdefi.io

👨‍🌾 Farm & Supernovas: https://app.polarisdefi.io/

💻 Github: https://github.com/polarisdefi/

📖 Gitbook Docs: https://polarisproject.gitbook.io/polaris-defi/

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/polarisdefi

💬 Telegram: https://t.me/polarisdefi

🎮 Discord: https://discord.gg/v3w9wZgcG6

📢 Telegram Announcement: t.me/polarisdefiANN

🥞 PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x70905594023cb2f37f3103fdc70315ad1601d6ef