Polaris V2 — V3 Migration guide

How to migrate your tokens from V2 to V3?

  1. Navigate to the the migration page on app.polaris.io. under the “Exchange” menu item
  2. If you have V2 POLAR LP tokens, you will need to un-LP. Only single asset POLAR can be migrated to V3. Navigate to PancakeSwap and remove your POLAR — BNB LP or your POLAR — BUSD LP.
  3. Make sure that your web3 wallet containing the V2 POLAR that you want to migrate from is connected to the migration page.
  4. Approve Polarv2. Then click migrate > Confirm transaction.
  5. Done! You will automatically burn your V2 POLAR and receive V3 POLAR at a ratio of 1:100.
  6. To re-add LP, use the PancakeSwap v2 swap and liquidity page (NOT the Polaris exchange) while we update the Polaris Exchange UI:

Partner Supernovas

Current partner Supernovas are not affected by the Polaris Migration.

What’s Happening to Vaults?

The Polaris Vaults are an extension of the Farms (e.g. implementing compounding strategies on that POLAR inflationary drip) and are therefore being discontinued together with the Farms.


As we mentioned in our V3 announcement, POLAR V3 will be implemented at a 1:100 ratio against the current V2 tokenomics.

  • V3 Migration Fund: 16,000,000 (estimated) ~35%*
  • Team: 5,000,000 (75% vested over 12 months) — 10%**
  • Community Rewards: 2,500,000–5%
  • Supernova Liquidity Mining Rewards: 25,000,000–50%

V3 Launch Supernova Pools

Polaris V3 will launch with 3 Supernovas (using PCSv3 router) that will run for up to 2 years.

1. Stake POLARv3/bUSD Earn POLARv3 (50% of rewards)

16,100,600 POLARv3 rewards over 2 years (5x bonus over 90 days of continuous staking)

2. Stake POLARv3/BNB Earn POLARv3 (40% of rewards)

12,880,480 POLARv3 rewards over 1 years (3x bonus over 45 days of continuous staking)

3. Stake POLARv3 POLARv3 (10% of rewards)

3,220,120 POLARv3 rewards over 90 days (2x bonus over 14 days of continuous staking)

Polaris Resources

🌌 Website: https://polarisdefi.io

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