Polaris x $JIND : What Happened

As Polaris embarked on its partnership with the $JIND team and their amazing community, we encountered an issue with one of the supernovas. Namely, the stake $JIND earn $JIND supernova. Which decreased each stakers tokens while they were being staked in the supernova.

As you know the $JIND token is a RFI (reflective token) and with that unique mechanism came some first time challenges for us and our supernovas. For a technical understanding of what the challenge was we reference our big brother project $GYSR below:


Needless to say we have discovered that the best way to farm these unique tokens in our supernovas are by pairing them with an LP token and in this case we are using BNB.

The single $JIND staked supernova will be decommissioned and placed under the “Inactive tab” for people to withdraw only.

Below, we have a form for those affected by the decrease in tokens while staking.