State of the Polar Economy — September Performance Report

2 min readOct 1, 2021


Polaris economy performance during September.


A total of 389,638 Polar tokens were burned during September, just from Polar supernovas. This will be updated with Polar tokens burned from other Project supernovas. This represents 0.6% of the total circulating supply in the month of September. The aim is to increase this burn rate by attracting more Projects to our liquidity farm platform.

Project KPIs

Token prices have increased off an all-time and month low of $0.0012 on BSC and $0.0007 on Polygon. Polaris has 5,050 wallet addresses holding Polar tokens and since the start of the Project there has been 105k transfers using Polar tokens.

Liquidity pools:

Polaris has $123k worth of Polar and pairs locked away in liquidity pools on BSC Pancake Swap and Polygon SushiSwap

Half of each of these pools consist of Polar and half the other pair, by value.


Polaris has £327k total value staked across 8 supernovas

Performance Reporting Plan

Polaris will produce this Economy Performance Report on a monthly basis. We will continue to develop the KPIs being reported. Its purpose is for Polaris community members and prospective members to assess the performance of Polaris service and token economy. All of this information is sourced from Polaris addresses on BSCScan and PolygonSource. Addresses will be provided for further analysis.

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