Supernova Official Launch! Geysers Walkthrough + Roadmap

Greetings Polarites!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the official launch of our first Supernova Geysers.

We know it’s been quite a journey getting to where we are today, so we’d like to thank you for your patience and support.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!

Supernovas Are Officially Open!

The first 2 Supernovas are now open at

Rewards will be funded around April 2, at 19:00 UTC, and farming will be live immediately afterwards.

  • Stake: POLAR
  • Earn: wBNB
  • Total Rewards: $50,000 (in BNB)
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Max time bonus: 2x
  • Stake: POLAR
  • Earn: POLAR
  • Total Rewards: 10,000 POLAR (about $180,000)
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Max time bonus: 5x

Now, these Supernova pools work differently than the typical farming pools you’ve used before, so this post will go over the UI and give an idea of how Supernova competitive farming works.

We also recommend you taking time to read the detailed Supernova FAQ to fully understand how they work.

  1. Staked token — This is the token you need to stake in order to earn the rewards
  2. Max time bonus multiplier: This is the max bonus emission rate for staking in the pool for the full duration. A 2x bonus over 5 days means you start earning 2x as many rewards on day 5 compared to day 1.
  3. APR: This is the estimated APR based on the total farmable rewards in the pool, TVL, and total farming duration. You should be aware this value only applies during the duration of the pool, since when the pool duration ends, the APR effectively drops to 0.
  4. Earn: This is the reward token you’ll be earning
  5. Total Rewards: This is how many unclaimed rewards are still in the pool and available to farm
  6. Time Left: This is the remaining duration of the current Supernova Geyser. Geysers can be extended at anytime with additional funding schedules
  7. Current Time Bonus: This is YOUR specific time-bonus multiplier, based on when you initially staked. Keep in mind that if you remove your entire stake, then your time bonus resets when you re-enter. However, if you only unstake a portion, then the remaining portion that’s still staked continues to earn the time-based bonus. If you’ve staked multiple times, the most recent stake is what gets unstaked first. Please see our docs for more details on how this feature works.
  8. Rewards Earned: This is the estimated amount of wBNB you’ve earned so far. Keep in mind this number is an approximation and may go down if someone else harvests using POLAR multipliers since that spending POLAR essentially takes rewards from remaining staked users. However, when this happens, it means they’ve unstaked the pool so you will have higher pool share and accrue rewards faster.

9. Estimated Daily Rewards: This is an estimate of how many rewards you’ll earn based on the current APR and amount staked. It’s important to know this is a general approximation and the actual amount will likely change based on overall user activity.

10. Amount To Unstake: This is how many tokens you want to unstake. Your rewards will be proportional to how much you unstake. The time bonus and POLAR bonus multipliers will be applied to the portion you unstake. Important: If you unstake the MAX amount of tokens, you will lose your accrued time-based bonus when you restake.

11. Amount of POLAR to Apply: (Optional & Recommended) You can spend POLAR during your harvest to multiply your rewards. The extra rewards come from the portion of the overall pool that’s unharvested. Another way to say this is by spending POLAR, you are taking away other users’ pool share and adding it to your own. The exact multiplier amount is determined algorithmically based on overall POLAR usage. The minimum amount of POLAR you can spend is 1. (The more people who use POLAR during harvesting, the more it costs to obtain a specific multiplier). Please see our docs for more details on how this feature works.

12. Bonus POLAR Multiplier: This is how much your POLAR will multiply your pool share during harvest. The multiplier does not directly multiply your estimated harvest. Instead, it multiplies your pool share seconds relative to those of others. Again, see our docs for more details.

13. Estimated Harvest: The amount you can expect to receive when you unstake the amount you have entered, and applied the amount of POLAR you’ve entered.

Supernova Summary:

  • The more you stake and for longer, the more pool share you gain. Your time bonus only resets to 1x if you unstake all
  • Spend POLAR to multiply your rewards. The minimum POLAR you have to spend is 1
  • Your estimated rewards may fluctuate based on the activity of others in the pool

Supernovas #3 and #4 — Coming Soon

In ~48–72 hours, we will launch our 3rd Supernova with over $100,000 of farmable wBNB rewards:

  • Stake: POLAR-BNB
  • Earn: wBNB
  • Total Rewards: $100,000 (in BNB)
  • Duration: 14 days with 3 day boost
  • Max time bonus: 3x

Supernova #3 will have a boost of $75,000 of wBNB in rewards over the first 3 days, then $25,000 over the next 2 weeks. Then, they will be continually funded as more deposit fees roll in from the regular staking pools.

We specifically set up the pools in this order so our early adopters who farmed POLAR can stake their POLAR to earn POLAR and BNB in Supernovas #1 and #2.

Then, you’ll be able to LP POLAR-BNB to farm even more BNB in Supernova #3.

This also increases our liquidity which will attract new participants as we launch Supernova #4, which will be our first partner pool.

The only hint we can give right now is they’re an established BSC project with a working product that is increasing in users every day ;)

You’ll be able to farm tokens exclusively on Polaris.

Upcoming Roadmap: What’s next for Polaris?

Despite some hiccups and delays along the way, our team has been really happy with the progress our project and community has made thus far.

You may not remember, but our original timeline was to complete competitive farming and partner pools within 6–8 weeks of launch.

However, early on, we decided it would be better to prioritize the development of the Supernovas, since we wanted everyone to experience this new tech that we think can transform the BSC yield-farming space.

We ended up building a bit out of order, but we worked our bottoms off to complete 6–8 weeks of dev work in only 3 weeks — and that’s on top of having to migrate to a new token.

Launching the Supernovas is a huge milestone for our project and we are excited to continue our Polaris ecosystem on top of them, which includes vaults, NFTs and integrations with other BSC projects.

We will announce an official updated roadmap for what’s next to come in the upcoming weeks. We have big things planned, and those who hold on to their POLAR will be rewarded ;)

That’s all for now. Thank you Polarites for your continued support and go enjoy the Supernova yields!

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