The Polaris Community Supernova Referral Program

Recently, we launched the first three Polaris Supernova pools as a ‘proof-of-concept’ for our new competitive farming tech developed on BSC.

We also took our first steps into Phase 2 of our development roadmap by onboarding our first partner, ApeTools, who are the first BSC project to launch their own Supernova pools on our platform. We also have 2 more pending partner Supernovas, expected to launch next week.

These partnerships are integral to the Polaris platform and are essential in driving demand for $POLAR, increasing the total value locked in the platform and expanding the horizons of our thriving Polarite community.

We know that our community has already been working hard to spread the word about Polaris across the BSC ecosystem — and we would like to reward all your efforts.

On that note — please see the details of our new Supernova Referral Program below — launching immediately!

Supernova Referral Program Rewards

You can receive up to 5% of the reward pool funded in a Partner Supernova.

Our average reward pool for Partner Supernovas is $50,000 — meaning an average referral bonus of $2,500.

What Do I Need To Do?

Reach out to your favorite BSC projects and let them know all the benefits of launching their own Partner Supernova. We recommend sharing our ‘How To’ guide and Pitch Deck in the Resources section at the bottom of this post.

Our team is happy to join Telegram chats with partners to discuss more technical points in detail — so don’t hesitate to get us involved early.

Which Projects are Eligible?

Any vetted and secure BSC project is eligible to launch a Partner Supernova.

Polaris is also particularly effective for BSC projects without existing yield farm or liquidity incentive strategies (e.g. ApeTools did not have its own farms).

The Small Print

Community bounties are limited to one reward per Partner Supernova. This is not the same as one reward per project, meaning that you will still be eligible for a reward if a current partner launches an additional Supernova (or tops up an existing Supernova).

Credit for a Partner Supernova must come directly from the relevant Partner team. If the Partner team notify us that multiple people contributed, the reward will be split evenly amongst them. Don’t worry — we will always ask a Partner if anyone recommended us and/or meaningfully contributed to the partnership arising!

Bounties will be paid at the Polaris team’s discretion and only after the relevant Partner Supernova has been whitelisted and funded.

Bounties will be paid in $POLAR.

Case Study: ApeTools Supernova

  • $NANA market value more than doubled, surpassing its previous ATH.


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