Polaris is a fairly distributed competitive farming protocol and launchpad platform on Binance Smart Chain.

Polaris Mission Statement

Issues In Yield Farming

Although BSC is the ideal chain for yield farming because of cheap tx fees, current yield farming solutions (including Goose and its numerous forks) are not optimal.

For example, these platforms will invariably insist on users depositing liquidity tokens to their platform, when there is no need for it given they are simply routing via PancakeSwap.

The majority of these tokens also have zero utility, rendering the entire farming process valueless from the outset.

In recent months, a plethora of projects have chosen to broaden…

Greetings Polarities,

Welcome to the final frontier —

We want to start by saying thank you for your patience and belief in the Polaris project, we know we’ve been a bit quiet these last few weeks. Having said that, we want to reassure you that the team is here and. working. During our silence we’ve accomplished a lot and today we want to share our progress with you in detail.

Progress Report:

Let’s get the most asked questions in the telegram chat out of the way first.

“When are you getting marketing?” “Any communication from the team??” …

How to migrate your tokens from V2 to V3?

  1. Navigate to the the migration page on app.polaris.io. under the “Exchange” menu item
  2. If you have V2 POLAR LP tokens, you will need to un-LP. Only single asset POLAR can be migrated to V3. Navigate to PancakeSwap and remove your POLAR — BNB LP or your POLAR — BUSD LP.
  3. Make sure that your web3 wallet containing the V2 POLAR that you want to migrate from is connected to the migration page.
  4. Approve Polarv2. Then click migrate > Confirm transaction.
  5. Done! You will automatically burn your V2 POLAR and receive V3 POLAR at a ratio of 1:100.
  6. To re-add LP…

Greetings fellow Polarites!

As you will all be aware, PancakeSwap has recently begun the process of migrating its liquidity over to a new V2 contract.

This is going to have an inevitable impact on Polaris, given that our exchange page uses their router and all of our current Supernovas utilise V1 PancakeSwap liquidity.

The migration has prompted discussions in our team about the future of Polaris and, more particularly, what changes we can make at this time to benefit our amazing community.

As such, we are excited to announce that we will be taking the PancakeSwap migration as an opportunity…

Recently, we launched the first three Polaris Supernova pools as a ‘proof-of-concept’ for our new competitive farming tech developed on BSC.

We also took our first steps into Phase 2 of our development roadmap by onboarding our first partner, ApeTools, who are the first BSC project to launch their own Supernova pools on our platform. We also have 2 more pending partner Supernovas, expected to launch next week.

These partnerships are integral to the Polaris platform and are essential in driving demand for $POLAR, increasing the total value locked in the platform and expanding the horizons of our thriving Polarite…

Now you can earn yields on virtually any BSC token you hold via Polaris Comet Pools!

A few days ago, Polaris crossed the $10 million TVL threshold, and have generated over $200,000 in fees which are flowing back to users in the form of wBNB Supernova pools (stake POLAR, earn wBNB).

These Supernovas are currently providing some of the best APRs available on BSC. And the best part is, POLAR stakers are receiving rewards in wBNB which is both very stable and liquid.

Recently, we launched the first three Polaris Supernova pools as a ‘proof-of-concept’ for our new competitive farming tech developed on BSC.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive — with the community reporting our Supernovas provide a new and exciting yield farming platform compared to anything else available on BSC.

Now, we’re going into Phase 2 of our development roadmap and onboarding partners to launch their own Supernova pools on our platform.

First Why Supernovas vs. Traditional Yield Farms?

Greetings Polarites!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the official launch of our first Supernova Geysers.

We know it’s been quite a journey getting to where we are today, so we’d like to thank you for your patience and support.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!

Supernovas Are Officially Open!

The first 2 Supernovas are now open at https://app.polarisdefi.io/supernovas

Rewards will be funded around April 2, at 19:00 UTC, and farming will be live immediately afterwards.

  • Stake: POLAR
  • Earn: wBNB
  • Total Rewards: $50,000 (in BNB)
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Max time bonus: 2x

Supernova #2 — ~$180,000 in POLAR Rewards

  • Stake: POLAR
  • Earn: POLAR
  • Total Rewards: 10,000 POLAR (about $180,000)
  • Duration: 30…

A big shout out to Polaris community member @worldpeas for creating this incredibly helpful guide!

Polaris DeFi is one of the latest out-of-this-world DeFi projects on the Binance Smart Chain universe. We know you can’t wait to get started, so get in your spaceship, strap on your seatbelts tightly and we’ll teach you how to blast off to yields beyond our galaxy.

1. Setting up your MetaMask wallet

Go to metamask.io/download and install the extension for your browser or mobile device. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge. You can also download and install the mobile app for your phone.

Follow the instructions in the…

Greetings fellow denizens of Polaris!

We are fast approaching the long-awaited day of migration to the new and improved Version 2 contract for POLAR.

Before we boldly go where no BSC project has gone before, make sure you familiarise yourself with the materials below and -importantly — unstake all of your POLAR and POLAR LP tokens before the snapshot on 19:00 UTC on Wednesday 24 March.

Onto the details…

🌌 V2 Migration Update 🌌

The snapshot for the POLAR V2 migration will be taken at 19:00 UTC on Wednesday 24 March. …

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